TBS-A1C: Automatic Twin Blade saw, Beverage Cans

Fully automatic twin blade (bread) saw for beverage cans - 1 position

When companies need a highly repeatable double seam cutting solution, they often need to have different operators cut the seams exactly the same in order to achieve high GR&R. Quality By Vision offers a highly repeatable automatic saw – which always cuts the same cut regardless of the operator performing the cut.

All the operator has to do is put the can into the sleeve and press a button. The automatic saw will handle all the cutting, resulting in better GR&R than any other beverage can saw in the industry. Cuts are highly accurate and done at exactly 90 degrees at the edge of the seam, resulting in no deformation of seam stretching.

  • Cuts perfect double seams without deformation.
  • Ideal for thin and fragile aluminum beverage cans.
  • High speed carbide blades.
  • Replaceable sleeve allows for a quick and easy operation while keeping the fragile aluminum cans intact.
  • Identical cut for different operators.
  • 1 position – cuts automatically at 1 preset position.
  • Front handle allows rotation of the can by exactly 120 degrees.
  • Extremely safe operation.
  • Little or no deformation (significant improvement over traditional double seam saws).
  • Prevents seam-gap smearing!
  • Produces ideal GR&R results, since operator strength does not matter during cut.
  • Built-in noise reducer, makes very little noise!




  • Net Weight: 45 lbs
  • Operation voltage: 110V / 220V (please specify)
  • Cut width: 0.5" (13 mm)
  • Speed: 2500RPM
  • Operation: Automatic
  • Blades: 2x carbide 100 x 22 x 0.5mm
  • Benefits: Very little deformation to can, easy quick cutting of beverage cans.


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