CHROMetal 9000 – Chrome (Cr) coating analysis

CHROMetal utilizes the same technology as STANNOMetal in order to accurately measure chrome plating thickness under the WindowsTM operating system.

The system capitalizes on Sn (Stannium) and Cr (Chromium) (STANNOMATIC/CHROMATIC) electrolytic cells by utilizing them with new hardware and software. The system uses these in order to perform Chromium coating thickness surface testing and analysis.

The operator inserts the sample (strip, or actual sample) into the cell. Electrolytic fluid fills the cell and the cell is closed. Next, the measurement process can proceed, with top only, top & bottom or 3x top and bottom measurements. Profiles are presented for each of the measurements.

During the measurement process, the Chrome coating is deplated and removed from the surface of the sample. The system monitors the coating removal process and is able to calculate the amount of Chromium that was removed from the surface.

The system allows the user to test using either the T.F.S (Tin Free Steel) or TP (Tin Plating) standards – which have been optimized for each type of chromium coating.

With this new design, this system will provide quick and easy measurements with very little knowledge required from the operator.



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