Motorized Seam Stripper for Beverage Cans

Safe, fast and reliable tear down of beverage can seams for wrinkle / tightness rating

Beverage plants and breweries of any size are required to tear down (or “strip”) the seams periodically to check for tightness rating / wrinkle. Double seam wrinkles that haven’t been ironed out properly can compromise the integrity of the double seam and cause leaks.

Manually tearing down a seam is a dangerous, repetitive process that can cause injuries to operators and over time can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Quality By Vision’s motorized double seam stripper is safe, affordable solution that quickly strips the coverhook and separates it from the rest of the seam, without damaging the coverhook wrinkles or the rest of the can.

Each beverage and beer double seam stripper comes tooled for a specific can diameter and multiple can heights. Additional tooling can be provided and it takes just a few seconds to change over. A special chuck with four cutting blades cuts in to the top of the seam in seconds and separates it from the rest of the seam. The blades can be easily replaced by the plant personnel. The operators are completely protected during the cut – their hands can’t access the blades.

Quality By Vision’s Motorized Double Seam Stripper for Beverage and Beer cans is the safest, fastest and most affordable solution for double seam tear down.




  • Supported can diameters All beverage and beer can diameters
  • Number of blades per cutting head 4 blades
  • Can heights Multiple can heights supported
  • Cut time per can Less than 5 seconds


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