Can Height Gauge: Beverage Cans

seam length / seam height measurement gauge for beverage cans

The can height value is critical to ensure a successful double seaming closure. Inaccurate can height can cause various issues and can also indicate key problems with the seam closing as well as other problems.

The new Beverage can Height Gauge from Quality By Vision is a low cost, high quality manual solution for measuring can height for beverage cans. The gauge uses a stable granite table stand for higher accuracy measurements, using a 10 micron resolution gauge.

The gauge accommodates two can sizes. Adaptor for 330ml beverage cans is supplied.

Electronic gauge can be connected to SEAMetal HD software, orSymphony data collection software. Absolute height is automatically calculated by the software.


  • Resolution: 10 microns (0.01 mm)
  • Computer connection: RS232, can be connected to SEAMetal 9000W, or Symphony software
  • Base: Heavy Granite base-plate
  • Can sizes: Up to two different can sizes


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