About Us

Quality By Vision is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of Quality and Process Control systems for the metal packaging industry: can makers, can fillers and suppliers. Operating out of three facilities and multiple independent sales and service representatives around the world, we’ve got you covered no matter where you are. See our contact us page for a listing by country.

Why Choose Quality By Vision?


Providing quality control systems since 1973 (originally as INDEL Electronics), Quality By Vision focuses on Quality Control systems for the canning industry and its suppliers. We invented automatic double seam inspection, back in 1993. We never stop innovating and inventing new solutions for the metal packaging industry’s challenges.


Our solutions are proactive, we attempt to do the impossible – high quality Q/A systems that won’t break your budget. Our systems don’t just check your product’s quality, they actually improve your product, making your operation more efficient and profitable and delivering a quick return on investment.


Our industry-leading systems utilize the latest technologies. Our ability to deliver a clearer image of your product and operation and to give you the decision making tools necessary to improve production have earned us a reputation as the best in our business.

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North America
Email: usa@qbyv.com
Phone: +1 (732) 888-3399

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Phone: +31 497-571150

Email: qbyv@qbyv.com
Phone: +972 (4) 959-1147

Tech Support
Email: support@qbyv.com